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Cloud platform for mobile healthcare services

Solutions for hospitals and physicians

Our service offer will enable your hospital or private practice to deliver high quality mHealth services to your patients ensuring top user experience and great performance. Thanks to our services you can increase efficiency of your operations, decrease workload of medical staff (especially nurses), organize continuous monitoring of patients’ health, and proactively define dynamics of various health parameters. Based on your preferences our service blocks can be used standalone or be integrated with your medical information system.

Self-monitoring mobile apps

We offer a set of easy to use and efficient mobile applications to support personal monitoring of health and interactions with medical professionals. Our apps support the widest range of health and fitness sensors and thanks to our cloud service platform you are enabled to get the most out of joint monitoring of your health parameters in long-term perspective.


Development on your order

Our team has over a decade experience in development mHealth solutions and professional cloud platform MDDCloud. Thanks to these two key competitive advantages we can offer you development of new specialized services for healthcare, preventive and personalized medicine, fitness and sport. If you are interested to order certain service, please contact us and we will tell more about this offer.

Mobile applications

Blood Pressure Diary

It is efficient personal tool for tracking and analyzing blood pressure measurements. The app is specifically designed to provide maximum help to people suffering from various diseases of the blood circulatory system, e.g., hypertension or hypotension. Even if you don’t have such problems we still recommend this app for early detection of predisposition to the corresponding diseases, helping you monitoring fitness activities and so on. The main features of the app are as follows:

- Full control over your data
- Automated data importing from various sensor devices
- Analysis of various interdependencies, e.g., dependency on the atmospheric pressure
- Reminder of the medication

Weight Diary

It is the personal tool to monitor and analyze weight dynamic. The app looks quite simple and cozy, and at the same time it is very useful for people that control weight, and the corresponding risk groups.

Healthy Sleep Diary

It is the personal tool for recording and analyzing regularity and quality of your sleeping. The app motivates you to better plan your sleeping time and adopting healthy lifestyle.

Bike HC

The app turns your smartphone into advance bike computer that summarizes all key parameters of your trip, records the trip track, and helps to analyze them afterwords.

Platform functions

MDD Cloud is a cloud platform for collecting and analyzing health parameters. It automates management of multiple health parameters collected with use of various medical devices plus enriching diagnostics picture by relevant context data. The system provides special interface for physicians that highlights zones of deviation along with preceding changes in relevant parameters and gives pre-diagnostic conclusions based on performed data analysis. The key features of the platform are as follows:

  • Collect and summarize information about health and behavior of your patients
  • Support over 80 medical and fitness sensors and devices
  • Enrich row health data by the relevant context and analysis of change in parameters
  • Integration with Smart Home components
  • Import measurements from external services and systems in hospital laboratories
  • Automatic analysis of the collected medical and context data
  • Help to early detect and prevent development of some health problems
  • Monitor your patients and signal to your staff in case of critical changes
  • Personalized web portal for physicians and patients to access collected data
  • Provide protection of personal data and high reliability
  • Provide support of HL7 interface for HIS and HIMSS



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